The entrepreneur who showed the loss should take all actions that will allow him to quickly return to the straight line. The main problem is the lack of money for regular operations. It may be necessary to introduce cuts to achieve savings and reorganization of the business. However, if the company shows losses, can we apply for a loan?

Can I still qualify for a small business loan online? Absolutely

However, we must remember that when a company shows losses, it must reckon with the fact that loans or loans may not get. Banks and many non-bank institutions check the creditworthiness of a company before borrowing money. Therefore, when its settlements showed that instead of profits it records a loss, then it can be interpreted as the lack of the required creditworthiness.

This does not mean, however, that an entrepreneur may forget about a loan or a loan in such a financial situation. We can meet with exceptions to the rule. Where will we get support then?

Business loans granted by banks and non-bank companies can be used for a variety of purposes. Thanks to business loansĀ at OakParkFinancial, we can finance current operations, we can also invest and develop business. Loans and loans also seem to be a very good choice when the company lacks money for operations, especially when a loss has occurred.

Where to get a loan when you lose your company?

Where to get a loan when you lose your company?

We can have quite big problems when we apply for a loan or company loan to the bank. Banks do not like losing companies because they consider them high-risk clients. Therefore, when the loss exceeds 5% of the company’s revenues, we will probably meet with a refusal. Of course, all situations are considered individually. For example, when the loss results from a recent investment, the bank can help us.

In extreme situations, when a company can not receive financial support from a bank, it can also apply to non-bank companies. Many of them also deal with lending to business clients. However, we must remember that the loan can cost us much more than.

Non-bank loans for companies showing losses

Non-bank loans for companies showing losses

Non-bank loans offered to companies are usually available on more convenient terms than bank loans. Of course, it also has a price, as we mentioned earlier. In the case of lower amounts of PLN 10,000, we do not usually have to provide any accounting documents confirming the company’s condition.

However, if we need a larger amount, then the loan company may request additional security. Then, mortgage loans are often granted, in which the property belonging to the company is the security – buildings, land, and premises.

In summary, the company that generates the loss also has the option of obtaining a loan, but we must remember that we will not get it anywhere. The easiest way to get financial help is in non-bank lending companies. In the case of banks, we may have more problems with receiving money.

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