Are there really fast loans in Bulgaria and where can you get the most money quickly?

fter an independent study of the fast credit market and an assessment of their “speed” for decision-making, categorical – Gandalf Credit is the fastest institution for 2017, outpacing its main competitors in the industry.

Are there really fast loans in Bulgaria and where can you get the most money quickly? This is the question – a site for comparison of loans, analyzes and assistance to users of financial services, puts it. Due to the growth in the number of customers who benefit from non-bank consumer loans (so-called fast loans), the site conducts its own survey in March and April. The survey measures the speed in the online process of granting fast credit to companies – from the time that customer input is submitted to the company’s website until the final response is received.

The credit institutions included in the survey must meet strictly defined conditions: the company has to apply for credit online and the approval process is no more than 1 hour and runs entirely online and by telephone, it is. not to require the client to visit a company office or to be visited at home by a company consultant. In order to be as objective as possible, the study also targets a strictly defined profile of the participants: people aged 30 to 45, with a seamless credit history, new clients for the company, with incomes over BGN 1000 net monthly.

Fastest approval – up to 6 minutes, is the approval given by the Gandalf Credit. The company achieves this result thanks to its innovative model of work that distinguishes Gandalf Credit from other companies on the market. An excellent scoring evaluation model and a fully automated approval process that is not tied to an agent network enables the Gandalf Credit to instantly judge the applicant for credit and to grant the requested amount within just 6 minutes. In addition to speed and convenience in the provision of services, Gandalf Credit customers also receive correct attitude and kind and quality service. The company is constantly working to develop and market new products that are unknown to the market today. Gandalf Credit’s goal is to provide consumers with what they need, at the right time, under the best conditions.

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